Here's what we believe.


You. Work. Hard. Your employees work hard. And when it comes to office coffee, you deserve something better - even a little different.

What makes us unique?

Our partnerships for one thing. Central Florida has some of the finest, most passionate craft coffee roasters in the country who have dedicated their work to direct-sourcing the highest quality coffee beans in the world.  We don't think you should settle for anything less, which is why we've built our business on it. 

When you order our private-label, locally roasted coffee, you can rest-assure it hasn't been sitting on a shelf in a warehouse somewhere. Our roasters are on-call just waiting to craft you something special and as soon as it's ready, we're there to pick it up and deliver it straight to you. Here's how it works:



Your BREWED sales representative will visit your office every two weeks to inventory your stock. While there, they'll place an order directly with our coffee roaster who will get right to work crafting your favorite roasts. 


Your specialty coffee is fresh roasted in small batches - especially for you - and delivered within three days. Once a month, we'll even throw in a sample of our featured Coffee of the Month. 


Your BREWED rep will deliver your coffee, rotate your stock, clean and maintain your brewing equipment and make sure your break room has everything you need for a delicious coffee-drinking experience. 

so, That’s our approach. we know what matters to you.

Join us IN changing the way office coffee is done. You deserve it.